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Vastu design has gained popularity over the past years and has gained the attention of many who are wanting to incorporate this practice while working with a designer. Vastu is an ancient Indian scientific and spiritually based system for arranging the home  to achieve optimum harmony. This system strongly believes that the way we align our physical spaces in relation to nature and how we align our interior spaces have a great impact on us as a whole. This impact can have both negative and positive affects.

Vastu is of the belief that we must take a close look at ourselves and what we surround ourselves with inside our homes. If we have arranged our physical spaces in accordance with the believe that there is both an interconnectivity and interdependence between everything in our lives, then we are on our way to living the vastu way of life. In other words, if we have taken an honest look at both ourselves and our surroundings and made the necessary adjustments, positive vibrations and energy will be able to enter our spaces. This positive energy will equal external and internal peace, at the same time as, blocking negative energies from entering our spaces.

Vastu offers suggestions, never rules. These suggestions usually lead to room swapping and re-organization within one’s home. For example, kitchens should be located in the southeast quadrant of the home and dining rooms should be located in the western or eastern quadrants of the home, close to the kitchen. In addition, these rooms both have suggestions for furniture placement and ambience in order to create the sought after positivity throughout the home.

This belief may seem a bit far-fetched for some, but it is a very real practice in many parts of the world, India in specific. While researching this topic, I ran across many websites for vastu design companies and read about hospitals that have implemented this practice for health and well-being of their patients.

Inner peace, decrease of stress and tension, increase in health, and increase in financial success are all benefits of vastu. The practice firmly believes that considering the needs of the soul of your home will lead to inner peace. Who could not use a bit more of all of the above? For anyone whom is interested in learning more about vastu, I highly recommend the book, Vastu Living (creating a home for the soul) by Katleen Cox.


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