The French know how to do it…Chandeliers!!

There is a book that I have been a huge fan of for years now, The French Home, by Josephine Ryan. This book is a beautiful collection of pictures and information on French style and design.  The author explores the elements which make up the French home styling. These elements include furniture, color palates, accessories, lighting, and art work. (I will be writing blogs on these topics over the next few weeks)

Lighting: As the book states, the first chandeliers were made to light Medieval Churches. Innovations in the 18th century made the production of glass chandeliers more affordable by the use of lead crystal. Now, crystal chandeliers are more popular than ever and seen in many applications. As Josephine Ryan says, “Even die-hard minimalist can’t resist.”

History proved to be full of very inventive types of chandeliers as well. Everything from a birdcage, glasses, beads, kithenware, and candles were used to create unique chandeliers.

If anyone has examples of a unique application of a chandelier, please feel free to share!


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