Must-Have Furniture

When designing for clients, or just for yourself, is there a go-to furniture piece that MUST be included in the space? I was listening the a radio talk show the other day and one of the topics was similar to this one. Each guest and the host were going on about their absolute favorite pieces of furniture that they have to have in their homes. It was very interesting to hear some of their thoughts.

The demilune table seemed to be a winner across the board. Known for its flexibility and ease, the demilune is a great design choice. Below are some examples of the demilune. The options are endless when it comes to style, shape, and form.

A second mentioned must -have piece is the bench. Again, there are an endless supply of styles, shapes, textures, and uses for the bench. Benches are commonly used as seating at a dining table, at the foot of the bed, in the hallway, and flanking fireplaces.

A furniture piece I happen to love and is a must-have is the settee. Again, this piece is stylistically diverse and always full of character. The settee offers seating for a couple more guests at gatherings,  a great seat for reading, and most of all, not a sofa or a loveseat. The settee is in a category all its own.


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