Michele Lynch Mixed Media Jewelry

I have had the privilege of getting to know Michele Lynch and have become a huge fan of her mixed media jewelry creations. Michele is a multi-faceted artist who switched her artistic focus from painting (on canvas and glass) to jewelry making. She made this switch after experimenting with mixed media on canvas.

Her mixed media process started with vintage watch parts. She loved the tiny pieces and details of vintage watches and wanted to find a way to incorporate these pieces into her artwork. The watch pieces lead to vintage jewelry pieces, finally leading to a mix of the two, with a few modern bits thrown in the mix. The faces of all jewelry pieces are hand painted, while the rest are soddered together. There are even some hand sculpted details, such as bird beaks and witch hats.

She informed me that some of her pieces are planned, while many simply come together while she is creating. She loves that they all have a story to tell with their own personalities to express.  All of her jewelry pieces definitely express whimsy and are one of a kind.

Michele is available for custom creations, specializing in bracelets, rings, necklaces, and broaches. She can be contacted through her blog or through email.



(Be sure to click on the pictures below to see the intricate detailing of Michele’s work)


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