Magical Wallpapers

Wallpaper was often used as a basis for the décor of an entire home during the 19th and 20th centuries. The mood of the room was greatly affected by the choice of wallpaper selected. Wallpaper was seen as a luxury item and proved a homeowners wealth. Homes were thought of as a lasting investment, as opposed to the way the world works now in the 21st century, always on the go and moving from here to there. Regardless of its application though, it has been notated that “wallpaper has proved to be a most durable fashion.” By durable, we are discussing the long-lasting desire for homeowners and businesses alike to use wallpaper as part of their décor.

We are great fans of the use of wallpaper in the correct applications. Even using a small amount of paper on one accent wall can make a huge difference in the look & feel of a room.

A new line from Cole & Son has emerged that is a lot of fun. The collection is called Whimsical and is said to be roughly based on “classic childhood stories and fairy tales of our youth.” Enjoy!

Cole & Son Whimsical


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