Green Tips For The Home (You May Not Be Aware Of…)

The “green movement” has become very trendy in the past few years. This has led to more interest on the subject of environmentalism, but not necessarily more knowledge. I have seen many people take awareness of “going green” and recycling, but not embracing it as part of their daily lives. It has become a “I will do it when it is convenient for me to do it. I will be “green” if it is easy and I do not have to change anything about my lifestyle.” That, in my opinion, is laziness. Any little change we make in our lifestyle can make a huge difference in the big picture.

Here are some tips on recycling that you may not be aware of, as well as, some tips on items you should try to avoid using in your home and on your body…

Recycling: We all know that you can recycle paper, glass, plastics (not number 6), and aluminum, but did you know you can recycle…appliances, athletic shoes, batteries, clothes, compact fluorescent bulbs, computers, electronics, foam packing peanuts, ink/toner cartridges, oil, and phones.

Items you should avoid: styrofoam cups, paper towels, bleached coffee filters, chemical pesticides, pvc, plastic silverware, lead, petroleum by-products, fragrance.

Also, remember when painting your home to look for low or no-VOC paint. A few brands to check into are: Benjamin Moore Aura Collection, Sherwin Williams Harmony Collection, Porter Paint… 


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