Gray & Gold Palette

Two colors that works beautifully together (in my humble design opinion) are gray and gold. I have seen so many beautiful rooms inspired by the use of these two colors that I felt they deserved a post. Gray is one of the neutrals that is used in many aspects of design. Painted wood moldings, wall paint, main furniture fabric, stone, metals, and accessories are a few of the ways I have come across the use of gray in interior design. Furniture artisans have come to use weathered gray wood quite frequently. This look ranges from old world to shabby chic.

Gold greatly varies in shade, but I am referring to a more yellow-gold. The boldness and brightness of yellow-gold against the neutrality of gray works extremely well together. The golds pop and stand out, but do not take away from the gray, dominate color scheme.

A few examples of this are below…


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