Glitter and Gold

Something that has appealed to me for a long time is adding a bit of bling to a space as a finishing touch or as the main event. Some say not to mix silver with gold, but I go by the favored Christmas song and mix the two together all of the time. (in the appropriate ways of course) There are so many ways to add bits of shining glamour to a space.This addition can be an accessory item, a piece of furniture, lighting, wallcovering, etc…

The reasoning behind adding even just one item to a room is multi-layered. It is a conversation piece, it is uniquely your room and does not seem like an exact copy of a store or magazine spread, the item is an antique or family heirloom, and most importantly, it just feels right for the space. It is the missing piece to the puzzle.

Adding bling has to be purposeful or it can look overdone or forced into a design. It should be deliberate and unexpected, but work fluidly with the rest of the decor. This may sound difficult, but if you are working with the right designer for you, then this should not be hard to accomplish.

Here are some examples of room with an added bling that make them unique, inspiring, and lusted after. I am mostly showing work from Kelly Wearstler as I feel that she is a perfect example of how to add glamour to a space  and make the design awe-inspring.


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