French Design…18th century

I recently had the opportunity to visit the St. Louis Art Museum and learn a bit more about French Design. I am drawn to this styling, as seen in previous blogs I have written. In this case, I want to focus on French design around the time of Marie Antoinette. I ran across a piece in the museum that once belonged to Marie  Antoinette herself. So exciting to see a piece of furniture that she had in her home in 1785.  The piece I am speaking of is a corner cabinet built by Jean-Henri Riesener, considered one of the best cabinet-makers of this time in France.

 This corner cabinet is one of four cabinets of identical design. These four cabinets were in one of Marie Antoinette’s private apartments in Hameau, her farm. The cabinets were never used, created solely for their presence in all four corners of the upper floor of this apartment. The piece is made of mahogany, oak, and marble with gilded brass mounts.


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