Below are some common questions which I feel are important to address regarding interior design. There are also some fun facts about myself and my business. Feel free to ask further questions and I will be sure to provide a response.

Hiring an interior designer can save you money! Mistakes with the designing of a home/business can be costly. A true design professional has had the education and real life experience necessary to professionally and creatively work on your project without skimming on the details. Just like architects, contractors and sub-contractors, interior designers are experts in their profession and know not only how to make a space aesthetically beautiful, but work within code restrictions, use accurate space planning, employ the use of properly tested and appropriate fabrics and finishes and have the contacts necessary for anything outside of their realm of expertise.

There is a difference between a decorator and an interior designer. Decorators may be talented in their own right, but the education that comes from attending an accredited interior design school definitely widens the gap between a true interior designer and a decorator.

As an interior designer, I feel it is important to be able to integrate my knowledge and expertise in my field into what the needs of my client may be. Personally, I love many styles of design, but the way in which I style my home may not be the way in which you would like to style yours. A vision for the project supersedes a design style. Listening to your client is the key element to a successful design partnership and project. How do I know if someone is the right designer for me?

Like any relationship, it takes some work, but should not feel forced. An interior designer should make you feel comfortable and at ease. Ultimately, this project is about you, so that should be the focus of your meetings with your designer. The designer should listen to you and this should show in the work that they present. Your needs/wants (that should be discussed at length and often) should be very dominant in the designs presented to you. This is not to say that a designer should not put their spin on the project, I mean, that is why you are hiring someone in the first place. But, the designer should incorporate your desires into a professionally and creatively designed space(s).

Too many choices are overwhelming! Even to the well-versed interior designer. It is important that a designer have the ability to narrow their selections down as to not be overwhelming to the client. You could scour the internet for hours yourself and feel completely overwhelmed. An interior designer is there to make the design process fun and as painless as possible.

I believe that so many facets of the world are so closely tied to interior design that it should be incorporated into one source. Why not!? Almost everywhere I look I see something that I find inspiring to me, which in turn may inspire a design I am working on in one way or another. Family life, hobbies, cooking, entertaining, attending art shows…all of these are an integral part of what it means to be human, which is exactly who an interior designer is designing for…humans (usually…lol) Getting to know and experience all of these pieces of life makes for a more diverse and beautiful place to dwell.

Connecting with clients and bringing our conjoined visions to life. There is nothing better than working with great clients who appreciate my knowledge and expertise and providing the best service I can for them. When a client becomes a repeat client and/or refers friends/family my way…I know I am succeeding in both design and relationships.

Over the years my style has evolved and also led itself back to the beginning. I feel style comes in cycles…just like trends in clothing, colors of the year and hairstyles. I have a deep love of nature and use essential oils like they are going out of style. I have a background in herbalism and will always be drawn to that type of lifestyle…natural and holistic. I am also in love with all things vintage. I own a Victorian era seafoam blue-green velvet settee that I will never be able to part with. I love very long funky earrings and accessories. I LOVE Hawaii and the lifestyle of the islands. I feel this feeds to the bohemian chic style. Alternatively, one of my favorite “colors” is black and I used to be very into punk rock music. This portion of my style has matured to fit my point in life, but I feel that is where the edgy factor comes into play. It could also be my fierce independence and passionate views on life. ☺


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