Fabric Design as Inspiration: Amy Butler

At the library a few days ago, I ran across one of Amy Butler’s books that I had not seen in a while, Midwest Modern. Always looking for inspiration and delving into design books, I checked the book out of the library. A day later as I was flipping through the book, I remembered instantly what I love about Amy Butler’s style. She is in the same category as Tricia Guild for me (which says a lot). There was not one page in this book that did not inspire me in one way or another. Her designs are unique, insightful, colorful, full of patterns, and as she describes, a bit “groovy.” Along with her brilliant fabric deigns, she includes sewing patterns for many of her home goods, fashion pieces, and accessories.

I know I have been inspired to try my hand again at sewing, while remembering patience and trying to imagine the final outcome in all of its glory. (i am not the best seamstress if you get my drift, but Amy Butler’s fabrics have challenged me to try again and to succeed!)

I will be sure to post any items I am able to create. Feel free to post anything you have created using Amy Butler’s fabrics. I would love to see how she has inspired all of you!


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