Earthships are a topic that has been of interest to me for a while now. These extremist environmentally conscious homes/buildings are amazing. They are described on their website as, “Radically sustainable homes made of recycled materials.”  I happen to believe that these homes are much more than that statement implies. Biotech has figured out how we, as humans, no longer have to live an existence that depends so much on money, pollution, and greed. We can have all of our modern day luxuries without taking such an emmense toll on the environment in which we live.

Earthships are made of recycled materials, yes, but they also have the following attributes: 1) Electricity is gained from the sun and wind; 2) Water is gained from the rain and snow; 3) Heating and cooling is gained from the sun and earth; 4) Sewage is treated on site; 5) Carbon zero living.

The main building components of earthships are always indigenous to the area in which the earthship is being built. The core building materials almost always consist of rammed-earth encased in steel belted rubber and aluminum cans, along with glass and plastic bottles. By using these indigenous materials, the amount of energy wasted in the travel of materials is close to zero. Below is a picture of the rubber tire wall building process…

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