Domino Magazine back, if only for a limited time….

ImageDomino Magazine, which ran from 2005 to 2009 has launched a spring/summer 2012 special magazine on newstands until July 16th. For the die-hard Domino fans, this is very exciting news. I have heard mixed reviews regarding the content of the magazine. Some are unhappy that the material was mostly featured in past issues, while some are just unhappy that Domino is not coming back to the newstands full time. I am the later.

While the Quick Fixes special edition does contain some recycled content, that content was published 3-7 years ago. I feel the refresher of Domino’s tips and tricks in decor is more than welcome, if not inspiring.

Stay tuned for Domino to launch their fall/winter special issue. This issue is slated to be the last we hear from Dominio. Us die-hard fans can only hope they change their minds.


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