DIY: Transforming Rooms

My husband and I were married a little over two years ago and spent our honeymoon in Hawaii. The island of Kauai became one of our most precious places on earth. It was the closest to paradise either of us has ever gotten. Beautiful scenery, amazing weather, interesting culture, hiking…what more could you ask for. Both my husband and I have a dream of moving to Kauai upon retirement, but until then, transforming our bedroom into our very own tropical, Hawaiian paradise has to do!

For this master bedroom revamp, I decided to use natural creamy white as my base color and add pops of color in pillows, accessories, and artwork. After finding the perfect tie-top shears for my acacia bed canopy, I searched out a creamy white quilt, sea-blue pillow, and re-used an already existing bronze pillow. This entire look gave me a feel of sitting on a beach sipping a Mai Tai…which I said I would never do until I got there and the Mai Tais were amazing!! LOL

As for the artwork…all of the art behind the bed are post cards we picked up in Kauai. The masks are hand-carved from Kauai. Opposite the bed, we have a print of one of Dietrich Varez’s woodblocks, Pu’inokolu a Hina. I found this print at a nature center in Kauai, fell in love with it, and had it framed when I returned home. (

The last detail added to make this room complete was my shell Niihau leis placed into a shadow box frame and hung on the wall. While leaving our hotel one morning, we ran into an old woman named Aunti Lena, one of the only Niihau leis appraisers left. She gave us a history lesson on the significance of these leis and where to find an original. We took her advice, spent a ton of money, but came away with a beautiful Niihau leis with certificate of authenticity and a ton of memories.

If anyone else out there has transformed one of their spaces, I would love to see pictures!


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