DeAnna Michele: Local Artist

I was fortunate enough to have DeAnna Michele photograph my son when he was 7 weeks old. Not only is she a very talented baby photographer, she is truly an artist with a consciousness of the social injustices of the world with a goal to spread that consciousness through her art.

First, the newborn/baby photography…DeAnna Michele’s slogan is “Simple, Organic, Timeless.” This is exactly what I was looking for. She hand makes all of her props for her shoots. In fact, she bought 80 yards of fabric when she was first outfitting her studio, cut the fabric into 2-3 yard pieces and hand-dyed each piece in a variety of “soft, natural and organic colors.” She also made many adorable hats in a variety of textures in the same manner. These props and colors are no less than gorgeous! Such a breath of fresh air if you are looking for a more natural feel to your shoot. Her energy while photographing is so easy-going and fluid as well….BUT the pictures she creates are beautiful, perfectly positioned and a true gift to the receiver. It is important to note that DeAnna Michele used to be a labor and delivery nurse which has provided her with experience unmatched for a baby photographer.

Secondly, DeAnna Michele’s understanding of the black experience and the social inequalities found in our world can be seen in much of her work. She focuses mainly on “institutional racism, the American justice system and the glue that binds those two together for our community-the public education system.” As a mother of two African American children myself, these issues are near and dear to my heart. Bringing this awareness though her art is to be commended. Society needs to see the truth of our inequalities and if an artist can make this awakening more approachable for some than more power to her and her outstanding work.


You can take a look at DeAnna Michele’s work and learn more about her at Art or Babies sites.



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