Creating A Home…

Choosing a home and creating a personal space, a sanctuary to call one’s own, can be such an intensely amazing, yet sometimes overwhelming experience. It can be compared to choosing what college to attend and later what career path to venture on.

A home is  where the heart is, where our personalities and quirky traits are free to run wild. I tend to feel that we are sometimes missing the true nature of what our homes should represent. They should not be designed solely to enhance future buyers or to function as a sort of museum. Homes are to be lived in and to be part of the memories we create with our family and friends. In a world that is constantly on the go, how do we find a place of calm in our homes at the end of the day.

This is where designers enter the picture. When choosing a designer, I feel it is very important to interview each other to see how well both the client and the designer click, to get a feel for the chemistry between the two. After all, the process of designing your home should be fun, so making sure the designer & client relationship is a good fit will ultimately produce the best possible results.

Once you find the right designer for you, you may want to ask yourself a few questions…

What feel do I want this home to have for both myself, family and company? How do I see the rooms functioning on a daily basis? Is there a focal point to the rooms? Do I want to express myself through lots of color or do I want to keep the overall color scheme neutral and add pops of color through accents and accessories? What do I feel is my personal style? Am I more of a traditionalist or more of a modernist?  What does that mean to me? It may also be a good time to show your designer any inspiration pictures you may have been collecting in order for him/her to get a better feel for the style direction. The design duration lasts as long as it takes to make your space exactly what you had in mind. Your dream home.

Ultimately, the designer’s job is to create peace of mind and a well-designed home that the client is proud to call their own. A home of peace of mind, relaxation, functionality, personal style, and happy memories to come.

“The living space is never unfinished and never finished. It lives with those who live within.” -Josef Frank

“God invented the giraffe, the elephant, the cat. He has no personal style. He just goes on trying things.” -Pablo Picasso


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