Have any of you ever found yourself to be one of those people who collect “things?” Not just any “thing,” but a particular item that you have found some sort of attachment and attraction to. For me, one of those “things” is teapots. Have you ever wondered why you collect and why you have chosen your particular “thing” to collect?

For me, I have a pull towards teapots for many reasons. I have an herbalist/tea background and wanted to acquire the numerous variations of teapots tea can be made in and served from. I have in my collection a bone china teapot, a yixing teapot, a glazed traditional japanese teapot, and many more. I am also very attracted to numerous colors and styles, which I feel are abundant in teapot design. It is a great way to add color to my home that I know I will not tire of and will always be a point of conversation due to the diversity in my collection.

What about all of you reading this blog? What types of “things” do you collect and do you know why you collect them? I would love for you to share pictures and thoughts regarding collectibles. I am sure we all have a unique story or two to tell.


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