Animal Print

When I was younger I came home one day to see my room transformed into an amazing world of leopard print. I was in love! My mother had spent the day creating new bedding and window treatments for me, as she knew I loved animal print, especially leopard. About 5 years after this time, I was no longer an animal print enthusiast. We decided to take it down for a while and go a bit more neutral in the room.

Now, more than 10 years later and after graduating from design school and practicing interior design for more than 7 years, I am once again becoming obsessed with animal print. I no longer want to see it in every aspect of a room, of course, but I do love the pops here and there. My newest idea is to take my carved Victorian settee and have Perennials City Kitty upholstered on the piece. This pattern is a tiger print and is not only durable, but soft and cozy.

Do you enjoy a bit of animal print once in a while? How do you like to use animal print in a space?


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