Animal Head Wall Art

More and more I have noticed and become interested in the idea of animal heads as wall art. One of my first contacts with this look was when doing design research for my nursery. I love the overall look of the nursery, but find the ceramic animal head to be a great addition to the decor. The room mixes modern and rustic very well.


Upon doing more research, I found a wide variety of shops that sell this type of wall art. Williams-Sonoma, Urban Outfitters, Tozai, to name a few. These sculptures act as homage to the animal in my opinion, rather than appear as a hunter’s trophy, which I am not a fan of.  They also add a bit of fun to a space. They have a whimsical nature to them, as well as, a bit of artistic creativity to the design of a space. Adding a piece like these lets others know that you can have a bit of a sense of humor in your decor, as well as, a draw towards classy replicas of what is typically not a very classy look.


An example of an artist that takes this type of art to yet another extreme in decor is Alessandra Exposito. Exposito is an artist who creates sculptures using chicken skulls, farms animals, and beloved pets. She paints the skulls with meticulous detail , even adding a memorial portrait of the animal. Horns are sculpted from paper clay to give the skulls a more grandiose appearance, that of wild game. The skulls are then accented with tiny jewels.



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